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Jacaranda LGBTQ+ Pride Festival: A new Dawn!

Jacaranda LGBTQ+ Pride Festival is a Pride with purpose. Enabling people to celebrate with us who would otherwise be unable to, is one way Jacaranda LGBTQ+ Pride Festival shows its purpose and will endeavour to break down borders of race and social borders that prevents us from STANDING TOGETHER!

The first Jacaranda LGBTQ+ Pride Festival will kick off officially in 2019 with what promises to be the largest, brightest and most diverse Pride in Tshwane ever to commemorate Stone Wall’s 50th Anniversary – when we took a stand to earn equal rights!

Jacaranda LGBTQ+ Pride Festival will be a Pride for the people brought to you by the people who make up such a large segment of the LGBTQ+ community.

As a parting note: In a seemingly mad world, the time has come to unite, get a just cause to air some sanity and protect our rights as citizens and members of a peace loving society”.

For more information, visit or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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